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About Ceylon Experts Travel Agency

Our mission is to promote Sri Lanka as an ideal holiday destination for travelers seeking both adventure and rest. We follow the ‘fair trade’ concept with an expectation that our tourists as well as the people of this country may share the benefits in ‘fairness’.

CETA Touring offers a range of services assuring you a rewarding and memorable holiday of Sri Lanka. We count over 30 years experience in the leisure industry and have served tourists from over 70 nations.

Explore the lustrous 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean' as you travel from the sun-soaked beaches, through lush jungle to the verdant hill country. Our tour will show you the many beautiful sides of Sri Lanka from the buzzing streets of Colombo, to the genteel and decidedly English town of Numara Eliya; from the serene of the Royal City of Kandy to the tea plantations, ancient ruins and lush jungle that make up this wonderful island.

Please contact us and we will help you plan your dream vacation in the tropics of this beautiful island. We will ensure that all arrangements are made according to your choices, supported by our recommendations, enriched by a true touch of hospitality and excellence!!